Budget Options

Did you know we reward you with a better hourly rate when you budget your IT expenses?

It’s a monthly pre-bill program called Alliance. We pre-bill a fixed amount of hours each month. Hours are billed at a reduced rate. If you don’t use all your hours, they are carried over to the next month. You never lose them.  Your accumulated Alliance balance will show on your monthly invoice.

Alliance Program

Alliance provides the following benefits:


1. Reduce your hourly rate: When you take advantage of the Alliance program.


2. Keep your IT costs more consistent from month to month. Unused hours will be available in the future. This accumulated balance can avoid or at least minimize the impact of an occasional excessive month or project.

3. Forecast and budget your IT expenses by trying to estimate a good monthly pre-bill amount. There may still be things that exceed your budget, but each and every computer or network problem won’t automatically be a surprise expense. It’s normal to expect a few hours of maintenance, troubleshooting and repair annually for each workstation and even more for each server, network, etc. Planning for it can reduce stress and unnecessary downtime. It is wise to consider future upgrades and projects to your system when choosing a pre-bill amount.

For 20+ years Passkey clients have used Alliance. We would love to see you take advantage as well. If you have any questions about Alliance or would like assistance in estimating hours for an Alliance program, please call our office at 763-546-8225. There is no contract to sign and you may terminate the pre-bill at any time.

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