Passkey Technology   

1415 N Lilac Dr  #140   

Golden Valley, MN 55422  

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How are we different?


  • You only pay for what you need!We 

  • Passkey started in 1991​​

  • We have 88 years of IT experience between our techs

  • We have many larger clients 

    • 50+ users

    • Large server infrastructure

    • VMWare/HyperV/SAN/High Availability

  • We also have many smaller clients

    • Serverless​

    • Cloud centric

    • Mobile

  • We are not specialists but we know and deal with compliance every day, and if you need a specialist, we know them.

    • HIPAA

    • PCI

    • NIST​

    • GDPR

  • We understand your options and more importantly, since we've been doing this for years, we understand the history involved.  Understanding how things have evolved, what has worked and what does not is critical to good decision making.  

  • We are transparent in our pricing!Everything is customizable

  • We don't have minimums or require large commitments

  • We sell monthly recurring blocks of discounted hours.  It's called "Alliance"

  • If you don't use those Alliance hours in a month, they rollover!

    • Yep!  They don't expire!​

  • We don't believe in "All You Can Eat" IT support 

    • You can't deliver a high level of service/quality at a small business friendly price.​​

    • It's a commodity in our industry.

  • We adapt to your needs, your network, your business​

  • We only hire experienced techs

  • We are honest, approachable, ethical and do this for a living because we love to help people!