If you have a small business, you look for any constructive way to get brand awareness up. Why? Doesn’t more traffic mean more potential customers wanting to pay you for goods or services? 

You may have already paid for social media advertisements and taken strides with search engine optimization to help your small business’s website rank higher on SERPs, but what else can you do? Podcasting would be a wise next step—here’s why.

A Simple Ad Vs. Your Own Series

Have you paid another website, video channel, or podcast to advertise for your small business? Many business owners leverage already-established audio celebrities to conduct host-read sponsorships or play pre-recorded ads for you on their podcasts. Introducing vast audiences to your company may encourage new customers to shop with you. Still, you might pay $25 to $40 for every 1000 listens. 

Why not join countless small company owners releasing their own podcast series? It’s a great place to discuss topics related to your business and offers the following perks:

Connecting With the Right Small Business Customers

According to Statista, about 70 million Americans listened to podcasts in 2023, while only 22% even knew about podcasts in 2006! Experts predict that number will rise to around 110 million before the turn of the decade. Your podcast has a high chance of receiving more traffic than any other marketing strategy, so your small business might want to jump on the bandwagon.

Reasons you connect so well with customers this way include the following:

  • Choose your niche and audience. Then, ensure your podcast attracts those people 
  • Position your business as an expert. Your insight and expertise, with genuine interest and a loyal following, will fascinate the right listeners. 
  • Delve deeper than social media posts and ads. Make your small business podcast’s content engaging and less sales-intensive so listeners won’t feel you’re trying to sell them something. You want to build trust in your brand.

Building Your Brand

Podcasting for small businesses allows you to be real with people, almost as if you were conversing directly with them. Speak freely, make jokes, share insightful stories, and help your customers bring your chosen topic into their busy lives. For instance, HVAC company owners might discuss DIY success and what technicians don’t want you to know. 

Showing your experience in the field builds credibility and trust. You could become a thought leader, further building your image. 

Saving You Time and Money

Podcast hosts save money because they don’t have to pay for air time on another person’s podcast. Start a podcast and watch as it provides a high return on investment. While you must also pay for production costs, pay-per-click ads, and more, podcasts are a cost-effective alternative.

Could you repurpose your podcast by pulling out compelling snippets for social media and blog posts to promote it? Podcasting saves time and spreads your message across multiple digital platforms.


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