At Passkey, we do tech support and help desk different.  We don't have any inexperienced techs.  We don't have a "level 1", that you need to suffer through to talk to someone who knows you, your company and your environment.

We document.  We build checklists.  We collaborate.  We are small enough that everyone knows all the clients, and big enough we can handle a large influx of calls.  We pride ourselves on response time.  We think it's one of the fastest in town.  Or at least that's always our goal.


Benefits of Passkey tech support



Why we don't offer one price "all you can eat" help desk

High quality tech support for 30 years
We want to keep it that way
You don't pay for time you never use
We don't make more money the longer you wait
We despise mystery pricing and surprise charges
Transparent pricing is easier - for everyone